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High Quality Human Hair; Fully customizable

Shade Range: Level 5 to 7

Density: Full, 130%

Silk Topper - Blonde

  • 100% Human Hair topper


    Base Size: 9cm x 14cm

    Base Type: Silk

    Hair Length: 14"

    Hair Color: #1

    Clips: 4


    100% customizable: Able to color and style as desired.

    • Brushing
    1. Add Leave in or other product to help detangle easier.
    2. Begin at the ends and work your way to the root to avoid pulling on knots.
    • Washing
    1. Brush the piece.
    2. Shampoo the Base twice. (Avoid messing around with the piece to avoid causing tangles)
    3. Apply conditioner liberally.
    4. Rinse out thoroughly.
    5. Dry topper using a microfiber towel.
    6. Add leave in conditioner all over Piece.
    7. Style.
    8. Add oil all over to hydrate topper every wear time, and before storing the piece.
    • Styling
    1. Start with a clean Topper, brush and wash.
    2. Add heat protectant to avoid burning.
    3. Avoid high heat temperatures to ensure topper will have a long life.
    4. Style as desired and add hydrating oils once done.
    • Products
    1. Sulfate free Shampoo to avoid dehydrating the topper, also helps save the color.
    2. Oils such as Argan oil to constantly hydrate the topper.