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Volume Weft Extensions Collection:

The Base Color Line is for the experienced or adventurous hair designer who is looking to create a 100% custom look for their client. The term  “Base” stems from the essential colors that can get you anywhere; Blonde, Brown & Black. Hand picked by our experienced Pro-Designer; these foundational colors have been tested to prove any shade you can dream of can be accomplished with just these 3 basic shades from  the base collection.
(You can Add on Color Service on the Custom Color Tab)

How it Works?

The Base line is made for you, get the ultimate blend with full customization.

Step 1:

First, choose the base that is closest to your desired outcome; Black , Brunette, or Blonde!

Step 2:

Take your hair to a professional stylist who is certified to customize & install weft extensions, they will match your extensions to you!

Book a Consultation to speak with a Pro-Designer & Choose the Add on service needed :)

Step 3:

Enjoy your Custom full beautiful hair that lasts!

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